Went to MOA a couple of Sundays back. Yes, I know Virginia, MOA on Sundays….it just spells: CROWDED! But since we needed to go to the mall and that it needs to be both mommy and baby friendly, we decided to brave MOA on a payday weekend.

We manage to get around the mall with not much hassle since its huge, lots of available elevators and the space..we needed to have lotsa lotsa space. We bought some stuff especially since almost all of the stores were on sale (yey!). Got 3 books: Ang paboritong libre ni hudas, The last Queen and a Hillary Clinton Bio. ~ sigh all of them on sale. The hubby (yuck ang corny) got another shirt (ang daya!) while I manage to get a needed bra from M&S. Every pregnancy, not only does my feet size changes (I started with a 7 then an 8 and now I’m hovering between 8 1/2 and a 9) but my bra size as well. Never mind the size, oh-kay! I wanted to get a new set of bedsheets since they were on a 50% sale but unfortch, i didn’t like the thread count available.

A funny thing happened when we were in the toy section. I hate it whenever those salespeople start shoving toys to the kids but I know that its just part of the job and that they’re trained to do just that that I wanted to just not say anything to the guy who kept shoving 500peso worth of cars and train sets to the bagets. I told him, in the nicest way possible to let the bagets do his thing and not give him ideas since he already has a roomful of toys. Good thing it worked..or else. Parents know how difficult it is to wrangle toys from kids who wants to buy ’em especially since the nicer ones are more expensive…anyway, the funny thing was, the bagets got a train set that was wider that than him and he carried it from one end of the toy area to the other and all the time I was wondering where he was going since he wasnt making me pansin and he didn’t tell me where he was going or what he was gonna do. He went through almost all the rows of toys and as it turns out he was trying to get to his dad who was on the other end of the toy area. When he reached his dad, he showed Ace the box and started babbling. And as usual, I played the bad mom by saying no. THing is, I don’t want the bagets and the kiddo to get used to getting toys everytime we go to the mall. You see, we’re mall persons and we go to the mall every week just to make the kids pasyal and just to ..you’know, look. For me, mahilig lang ako tumingin. Heck, if I could shop, why not but just getting out of the house is enough na for me.

I got to use their Breastfeeding station. I didn’t know what to expect since it’s the first breastfeeding station or room but I was tad disappointed since only 2 single sofas were available but I guess its ok na din. Its better than the disabled bathroom! You can also use it to change your kid’s diaper since they have a changing bed installed and they have a lababo complete w soap and tissue.

We got home late na around 10pm i think and we were all tired na since we also did our bimonthly grocery. That’s one thing I really hate about the place. The grocery is soooo crowded. I should;ve remembered that the last time we did our grocery there, we were both tired by just getting bumped by carts and people who brought the whole barangay to the mall.

Will tell you about tigers camels and a bird killer on my next post…..will need to express milk



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