no resignation

ive been sitting in front of my pc for hours trying to compose something…been quite busy…changing of shifts…getting that “nesting” feeling again…

i just bought some new clothes…nahihirapan na ko maghanap ng damit na magkakasya sa akin..yes I’m as big as a tub…i’m pregnant eh… what’s your excuse? I’m on my 28th week of pregnancy…is that 7months? anyhow, 2 more months and I’ll see my new baby boy..he’s been keeping me awake all night and been so KSP all day…if alessi is gonna be my Reggie Miller then Inigo (ulk…i think) would be my Zadine (hopefully… he’s that cute too! magmamana ka kay mommy magmamana ka kay mommy magmamana ka kay mommy). If I remember correctly Alessi started kicking during my last trimester…this kiddo started to kick (hard a!) ’round February and has been at it ever since…should be that he should only let his presence felt several times a day but kiddo has been telling me that he wants more space almost every hour (anak mommy is small..uhm petite! she just looks like a tub because you’re inside her!)…im sooo deprived of sleep na…i barely get enough because I’m always in the banyo, being kicked by bagets (alessi) or being woken up by the kiddo…when I give birth I’m gonna have myself a good and loooong sleep (as if!)…

speaking of…i’ve been fixing my old room to be the new nursery..since we can’t seem to find a decent place to move into (yes we are still looking) then in between sleep and waiting for this page to load I try to fix the new nursery so it can fit all of Alessi’s toys, clothes and stuff plus making space for the Inigo’s…hay now plang I can see that my 2 boys will be mommy’s little monsters! aarrrgghhhh! (will start saving for bail money ! will start saving for bail money!)

but as early as now I just pray that everything would be smooth sailing…from my las trimester, to my CS operation ..hay sige na nga up to the my last breath na para covered na lahat!)….oh oh oh…can I also wish that he just get his papa’s height…yun lang wla nang iba.period. pwde na sya maging kamuha ni mommy…kasing bait ni mommy…basta lahat mommy except for the height…yun lang ang di ko kaya ibigay mga anak…

last sunday was mother’s day…and although i got the usual hppy mother’s day greetings..some people have actually forgotten to send me gifts or flowers or even a simple thank you for bearing their sons…haaayyy…


One Response to “no resignation”

  1. Binati kita nun! Binati kita nun! ;p

    Ganda ng template mo ah… How did you do the snap shot thinggy?

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