girl boy bakla tomboy girl boy…

i’m on my 24th week going on my 25th this thursday.  my ob already gave me the slip to have my congenital ulrasound (eerrr..i think thats what its called…)she originally said that I can do it on or after April 20th but yesterday she said that as early as the 15th I can go ahead and get my ultrasound done…yippeeee….i originally wanted a girl…i already have a boisterous parrot wannabe who is fails not just to amuse me with his out of this world antics but also with his “haaayy” moments…but now that I’m on my 6th month, I think I’d rather have another boy instead. why the change of heart?  eerrmmm think of it as..never mind…mahirap na…maraming chismoso at chismosa na nagbabasa ng blog ko…sabe nga ni dra “be happy” be calm”…and I am…if ever I’,m gonna have a boy..he’s name MIGHT be Jose Lorenzo Gabriel Inigo Antonio Perez! 🙂 wlang kokontra…ako ang nanay…hindi kayo!


and so we wait and see..crossing my fingers…


2 Responses to “girl boy bakla tomboy girl boy…”

  1. hey dear wow a new baby! hehe sarap. ill pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby for you. 😀 take care dear. my best to ur panganay.

  2. congratulations to your new kiddo! it is a blessing and i do wish you all the best.

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