it’s been awhile..been too busy…alessi’s first birthday…drowning in work…aahhh…i need to rest. I barely get enough sleep when I get home. I make sure that I don’t sleep when my son is still awake so at least it’s my face he sees last before he sleeps.

hhaaayyy motherhood and work…

I look forward to my restdays when I am able to play with my son or to go to the mall with him…nowadays i don’t get “me” time anymore. it’s always “alessi” time and that means playing with him at home. going to fun ranch or anywhere that’s baby friendly…but I got to watch Ocean’s 13 and eat Mango Banana Crepe in my old hang out ~ Cafe Breton GB3…but even with that short “me” time at the back of my mind I knew that I had to go home…that was my rd and it should be spent with my baby….haaayyy…i miss the old life I had….no bahy…my time was my own….but this is not to say that I am not happy..i just miss…..nevermind

“Even if I get past all my problems I’m just going to go out and get new ones.”


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