it’s been a habit to go to the mall or just anywhere during my restdays. i simply cannot stay put.

we wanted to spend early saturday morning at the park. so we headed off to salcedo park where there used be a saturday market but alas..all we saw were just kids playing in the park with their yayas in tow. not to be unperturbed we went to the legaspi ..~err park(forgot the name na..or i simply don’t know) but again, there was none. #*%&$*$ where did they go!?! we just went to Market! Market! since manang (my son’s yaya) would be going there to meet with her sons. We ate breakfast (Ace got a catfish that was thiiiisss big!) and browsed around the shops and bought some fruits. Before going home, we passed by Bonifacio High Street to bought doughnuts in Krispy Kreme. We almost got lost! I’m good with directions but for some reason never ko tlaga ma-memorize ang streets ng The Fort. Just so you know, they have these new doughnuts called Easter doughnuts (wlang holes). I didn’t get tp try them though since they give you free glazed doughnuts even before you order. Ace got a chocolate flavored one, while I settled for the 3 freebies (one for each of us-Ace, Alessandro and me) and bought a dozen for my team.

Come sunday, Ace and Alessandro picked me up from work and we all went to the Mall of Asia. Ace wanted to eat in Terriyaki Boy but it being almost lunch time and a sunday at that…asa pa if we’d get to be seated agad..15 minutes is way too long a wait for me…since Ace didn’t want to eat in Shakey’s (wanted their chicken) we settled for Pollo Loco instead. After lunch, we didn’t stay long anymore since there was already an influx of people…i really hate MOA during weekends..dami squatters! i love it there because they have a lot of elevators, its spacious for my baby’s mala expedition na stroller and they have a changing area. With alessandro in tow, we alway take into consideration his needs. Thus we NEVER go to SM Megamall because its sooooooooooooooooooooooooo dirty! The air seems to permeate “DIRTYNESS”. Their banyos are so dirty. Elevators are so far apart….it is simply not baby friendly!!!! sayang because its closer to our house and all the shops are there na…tsk tsk tsk….paging Henry Sy!


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