Finally! after a long absence

i’m in between mg 8th and 9th week of hasn’t been the best pregnancy…everyday seems to be a struggle~an uphill battle that is. from the moment i wake up to the moment I close my eyes. in the morning I feel sick. i am hungry~ravenous at that and there’s that quesy feeling of …vomiting and nausea. at night, I have difficulty sleeping and my sleep is always interrupted with frequent trips to the banyo and the pangs of hunger. poor ace, he has to contend with all that..he barely has time to sleep and rest on his own plus the fact that I don’t even want him to touch me..hold my hand, hug or kiss me..blech! but despite of all that you will not hear any tinge of regret or anger or any negative feeling or comment…even when he is pissed na with me he’d still manage a smile for me even when I’m scowling back at him.

There are nights when I just cry because of all the pain…when I just utter why all these pain for something that I’ve always wanted…
Don’t mistake all these for regret. absolutely not. despite all the pain and the tears..everything..i still want and love my baby. we both do. I’ve waited for so long to have one and I’m gonna try to stick it out till the end.

well, that’s it. nothing much to say.


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