Someone posted the comment below on my last post.

“making lait the people??? huh!

ur so arte, my gosh, ur not even maganda …

reason y u cant even wear such kita-na-kaluluwa-skirts coz i bet u have such big legs as in BIG!! it shows!haha …

such gross english, xadong pa-conyo … well, dk maganda, wag ka umarte..
duh_huh …


Dear whoever you are,

I didnt’ say that I was pretty. did i ever say na I am. stupid.

oh yea I do have big thighs. did i say na I didn’t? blame that on my genes. i also have big arms but so what? I have to die for hair and cleavage and a sound mind to go with it. you? i bet you don’t. nincompoop.

dude, ask MY friends because you obviously aren’t and you can’t be my friend if you can’t even spell well and you don’t even know simple blogging rules. I really speak this way. Am i conyo? who’s to tell? if you’re description of being a conyo is someone who 1) studied in a catholic all girls school somewhere in Makati 2) who speaks english and tagalog to make up a sentence 3) who makes lait all the time….then you got me there. I am indeed a conyo. I am an Assumptionista. True blue and damn proud of it. ikaw san ka nagaral? I speak both English and Tagalog in a sentence not because I’m conyo but because I know how to speak it. ikaw you know how ba? i guess your minute mind, if you have one that is, can’t even decipher that. MY friends know that I’m a self confessed Laitera but so what?

so what’s your beef? if you don’t have anything to do don’t diss me on my own blog. you’re so tanga that you don’t know blogging rule #1: you don’t diss the owner of the blog on her own blog. you respect how I write and why I write for the simple reason that this is MY blog. capisce? intiendes?

next time, you take care dah-ling. you take very good care on what you say especially about me. you know why? because I know who you are and where you are and I can hunt you down even if you’re in that internet shop. I don’t like anyone dissing me.


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