My appointment with my new dentist went quite well. Like usual, i had my initial apprehensions…of course! I’m scared of dentists what do you expect?!?!?! My old one migrated to the States so I had to find a new one and thank God for friends, I quickly had a new one in the guise of my friend, Rica. How we became friends would eat up another entry but just a gist both of our ex-es, Inigo and Carroll, are part of this very close-knit barkada. Anyway, I sat on the Chamber of Pain for roughly about 2 and a half hours. I didn’t have anything major done since she says that I would need an oral (or was that dental) surgeon for some tooth to get extracted because it couldn’t be done through the usual extraction..yada yada yada yada…anyhow, after that, Ace and I, went to Megamall to eat after that we decided to get a massage and a facial..God knows I baaddddllyy need one….I usually go to Urban Spa (you can include this on my gift list!!!) in Shangri-La but since we were in Megamall…why not try a different one! So we tried the services of the Holistic Circle Inc. (SM MegaMall 5th Level, Bldg. A Tel. 634-7271, 914-4376—> commercial pa!). The ambiance at first was ok until I heard people talking and utensils clanging (not so loudly of course) as it turns out the room that we were in was just beside the main hallway that separated the other rooms plus the lounge area of people who were working there and we were just hidden from everyone’s prying eyes by a banig and some stuff pa ( i didn’t try to investigate anymore)…there was also no soothing music nor those wasping aromatherapy amoys lit in the room. there was a candle alright but it was just for decors. the massage was ok..nothing great BUT not good either…i always thought that massages should start from the head down to the shoulders and the feet being last. This is time it was jumbled…legs then back then arms and aaaa basta labo labo na so it wasn’t that soothing tlaga…kainis…then after that the masahistas handed us a small envelope for their tips..for God’s sake! sana sa front desk nalanag nakalagay! After that we were led to the facial area..labo no??? sarap first then pain…tsk tsk….over-all rating—>1.5….sige na nga a 2 nalang (pilit pa)..would I go back there? my still aching back sez no.


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