off to a 4 day weekend…i was dying for this!!! absolutely dying…i was getting pissed na here and there…i usually have a sunny disposition but for some reason I was getting really really irked na…with the customer who thinks that she’s high and mighty just because I was pinoy (du-uh! sana marunong ka mag spell muna no you ugly american)…i wanna ramble on about some people here on the team but delicadeza gags my mouth so zip it hundun!…and I was tired na tlaga…dead tired! So no going out or going to the mall–(weh?) but just plain rest and fix my poor house 😦

Image hosted by

(you see the red underlined portion?if not, click on the pic)
things to do:

1. wash all my clothes
2. fix master’s bedroom (this is where I’m bunking nowadays)
3. transfer some of my stuff to my old room
4. fix my itunes list
5. clean out my yahoo mail
6. have a main pwd file on my pc
7. fix my faves list
8. fix my address book
9. DVD marathon!!!!

1. pa fix pc monitors
2. pa fix my tv
3. Go to SSS
4. Have my nails done
5. go to the my OB

1. Go to my new Dentist (I totally hate this!)

….to be announced..depends if I don’t get sick after my dental work


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