Katherine: It’s a nice little villa. Are you going to buy it?
Frances: The way my life is currently going, that would be a terrible idea.
Katherine: Terrible idea… Don’t you just love those?
(Under the Tuscan Sun)

be afraid…be very afraid…

i uttered a silent prayer to the wind many moons ago
it was a whisper….a silent cry from the deep recesses of my heart
it was a whisper….
a silent cry
a whispered scream
a soundless shrill….. a hushed blare
a muted shout
an unuttered screech
noiseless howl

it was tossed to the wind with a fervent prayer and with an unfailing hope and a sempiternal faith
that it will find its way….that it will glide to the expressway of prayers to God street…and bring forth a riposte….

and it did…

do i answer it?


An ingrate, I assure you I am not…but the my battle scars show so prominently …not on the outside but inside and I am but a cesspool of scars…all a thousand and one if i may say….

they say that when we utter a prayer we also must be ready for the answer however it may be…and this is one answer that I thought would never be answered….I almost had given up hope

……Unthinkably good things can happen, even late in the game. It’s such a surprise


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