“You have created a monster, and it will destroy you!” (Dr. Waldman, Frankenstein)

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such a telenovela..orchestrated by such a masterful hand with all its twists and subplots all coming into place…and I a mere citizen just my head in utter dismay…NOT AGAIN

I do not understand why, in God’s name (thou shall not take the Lord God’s name in vain), should one take into the streets for supposedly “his small voice as a masa” to be heard. I have never believed in taking to the streets for whatever
purpose it may serve…lest its a 10 mile marathon to raise money for some charitable cause…or a street party for happy times like the new year or town fiesta…shouting at the top of your voice has never been an answer to an argument…yes you can be heard amidst the din of all the drum roll and
shouts BUT ARE YOU LISTENED TO? Will it actually make a difference if you parade in one busy boulevard and wave make shift banners with the sentiments of your “heart” etched on it? For the dreary masses, they say that it is. For the street parliamentarians, they it is. Look at EDSA 1 and 2 and ~ugh~ 3…and please no more 4 or 5 or 6…another one would be an utter sacrilage to what martial law generations stood for back in 1986…it would be sacrilage to what the much much much older street parliamentarians stood for back in the days of the Spanish Revolution led by Bonifacio, who, as we know, is also “masa”. Take to the streets for a cause that is beyond political and selfish causes..take to the streets beyond your neighbor’s or your kumpare’s cause..take to the streets because your very living is threatened..take to the streets because you have no option but to do so because lack of action will take away the very basic right of every human being…freedom…freedom to live the life you want…unless that happens..work..for God’s sake work..and work hard while you are at it!

Madeleine: How can we know who is good – and who is evil?
Coulmier: All we can do is guard against our own corruption.

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