KJ: what’s so scary about commitment?
KJ:it’s not like he’s asking you for forever.
KJ: he’s not even asking your hand for marriage, right?
KJ: commitment is good. it’s solid. it’s stable.
KJ: i like commitment.
hundun: i dont wanna go through all the hurting shit
hundun:you wanna know how scared i am?
KJ:but only if it’s the right one for you. you’ll feel it.
KJ: how scared?
hundun: the other night
hundun: i was looking through past entries
KJ: belle, try not to think about getting hurt.
hundun: where i expressed my hurt or how deep the pain was
KJ: i dont wanna say it’s inevitable, but it’s part of loving.
KJ: tapos?
hundun: i was looking for a reason not to love
hundun: or not to get involved
KJ: belle, you have such a beautiful soul. i dont know why you keep torturing yourself. you deserve to be happy. and there’s no sure thing in liking or loving someone.
KJ: maybe it will work out, maybe it wont. but what the hell? gasgas na, pero life is too damn short to keep yourself from finding your happiness.


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