Today’s Word:
Chimera (Noun)

Pronunciation: [shê-‘me-rê]

Definition 1: (1) A fire-breathing Greek mythological monster with a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail killed by Bellerophon. (2) An organism or organ made up of genetically different tissue types, usually produced by transplant, grafting, or genetic engineering. (3) A wildly fantastic, almost unimaginable illusion.

Suggested usage: The idea behind today’s word is a monster put together of incongruous parts of various animals. Dr. Frankenstein’s monster was certainly a chimera. However, a plant with grafted parts is also a chimera. A peaceful planet may also be a chimera, a fanciful illusion no more possible than the original referent of “chimera.”

I found a book yesterday…its entitled letting go and laughter….or ‘samteeeng’ like that…i swear one of these days tlaga I will spend a day or two finishing all of the unread books stacked like a pillar in my room…hay..if i ever get the time..with my rotating sked i can hardly do anything anymore…kainis… but at least I get to spend time with my morning friends (wink wink :D) ..heniway highway, i actually haven’t read it but from the title of the book doesn’t it make you think that, indeed one of the things that we need to do to help us let go of the things and people we have to let go of is laughter? laughter laughing joking around monkeying around..whatever you call it…however you call it…i do think that laughter helps us forget about our problems, our heart aches, our pains….it helps us remember that no matter how sad the world has become that there are still nooks and crannies that closets sunshines that casts some ominous light in our darkened worlds..the kind of light that we see when sun hasn’t awakened yet and the moon is still on OT…it forebears that there is hope after a night full of tears and heartaches and unanswered wishes…a new day has come for us… day full of promises…another day for us to do something….another day that God tells us, here is anotehr 24 something with your life…go to places you haven’t seen…read all the books in your “not-yet-read” box (parinig sa sarili)…listen to music while watching the butterflies flutter around the flowers in the park…dance in the middle of the road…sing under the pouring rain…say sorry and make amends to people you had offended or had hurt…see your friends…tell them how much them mean to you…yes…thats the most important thing that you can do–tell your family and friends how much they mean to you before it’s too late

So here I am laughing…despite the loneliness….because I know its the only thing that I must do…I laugh because I must not cry.

“The world is no longer a romantic place. Some of it’s people still are, however, and therein lies the promise. Don’t let the world win” (John Cage)


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