its been awhile..been itching to update
but unable to. pc’s still sira, went to Galera last weekend and for some insane reason just wasnt able to find time to blog..bad blogger bad blogger
so let’s see..ano na ba nangyari sa pathetic life ko? work work work work and more work…and more work?

Valentine’s…NADA! corny ka kse! you! yes you! hmft!

Submitted my RL…sshh…not everyone knows šŸ™‚

Dennis’ (Den-Den) dad passed away…first time to attend a military burial and funeral..grabe…dameng ceremonies! I cried when my friend cried while giving the eulogy…i never saw him cry or even be sad…but he cried…first death for the year…shit please no more..not a repeat of last year….

Call me Auntie Ganda! My younger brother Ton-Ton’s girlfriend gave birth last week to Luis Miguel…kelan kaya ako? I can’t wait to see my first pamangkin..pamangkin sa sibling…so please…Call me Auntie Ganda

so yea, after so much planning na puro mga planong hindi at muntik pang di matuloy e natuloy na din ang galera trip 10,000 years in the making. See tin’s blog for more info. Im pagod na to make kwento. That was my second trip. The first one was 2 years ago with jerk. Hate Galera on weekends. Next time weekdays na tlaga ako pupunta! Tin, hint hint hint…


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