“What holds you back is the fact that you keep the negativity of the past alive in your mind. When you focus on the past disappointments, limitations and shortcomings it brings them into the present; focus instead on the possibilities of the future.”

Been sick since January 1…when I got to the office that day someone even commented na I so look like 2004..right on dude! Since that day, my body rejects any solid food…can’t sleep properly..I easily tire…was even s’posed to have my self checked sa hospital but stubborn me decided against it. no way am i gonna be cooped up for days in the hospital! but i’m better now..ate my first solid food w/o throwing it up last wednesday. Thanks to those people who asked, told me to go home and even gave me sabaw to make sure that I eat ***heart***

salamat salamat 🙂

thursday was loner’s day for me…a good book and music are my bestest buddies…thanks to Lord Jeffrey Archer , LIVE and Kitchiefor accompanying me.

During my loner’s walk, i discovered a chapel in the monstrous mall and found myself praying for friends who i knew needed all the help that they can get from the big guy above…as for me…i prayed…for peace of mind..for calmness in my heart…for happiness…for love above all else….as Derrick said, a panacea…send me mine Lord…send me mine soon…the air is already thinning for me…i can hardly breathe…the water is up to my ears and i am drowning…drowning…slowly..painfully drowning…in my own tears

I have never taken Life

Yet I have often paid the price

And you, you are a victim of this age

And the guilt that hangs around your neck

Has got me locked up in a cage

You’ve got to learn to live until no end

But first you must learn to swim

All over again


Pain lies on the riverside

And Pain will never say goodbye

Pain Lies on the Riverside

So put you feet in the water

Put your head in the water

Put your soul in the water

And join me for a swim tonight

I have forever, always tried

To stay clean and constantly baptized

I am aware that the river’s banks are dry

And to wait for a flood

Is to wait for life

I’ve got to learn to live until no end

But first I must learn to swim all

Over again,


Pain lies on the Riverside.


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