I suddenly realized that I haven’t really been posting things that happened to me but vague entries that only people who I see and talk to every day would be able to understand or “get”….so to those who I forgot…my sincere apologies…

as i said 2004 didn’t end on a high note for me…why…sorry this is something that I’d rather not talk about now…but just a gist…just to whet you imagination…let’s just say that just when I thought it’s ok for me to let down my well built defenses…that just when I thought it’s ok to take the risk…just when I thought it’s ok to trust someone…i was wrong…dead wrong…I took a great risk for NOTHING. My apologies..today is not the right time to blog about this..not when my heart is still hurting…I’ll keep quiet muna…because that is just how I am…the more hurt I am the quieter I become…

“If little by little you stop loving me I shall stop loving you little by little. If suddenly you forget me… do not look for me, for I shall already have forgotten you.” -Pablo Neruda

December 31st 11:50pm..new year’s eve in the office…my fourth…we rushed down to the street to join the countdown…5..4..3..2..1…its 2005!

Me : aba! wla pang nagttext sa akin a! Kung sino unang mag ttext sa akin sya na ang mamahalin ko pang habang buhay

***beep beep***

Me : Wylmer! Di ka kasali..pang end of the world-pag bingi at bulag na tayo-pang last resort groom kita..hindi ka kasali!!!!!!

Wyl: ***guffaws***

***beep beep***

Me : Hala! (shows text to Wylmer…looks at the texter…)

Me : (To myself) No comment!

nagrereturn of the comeback ka ba?


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