“Maybe I’m happy and I just don’t know it.” (Ally McBeal)

things that i have to do today:

1. Check my mail and ym messages

2. Fix my room

3. Pay Globe

4. Find a dress for Mitch’s Wedding and Dianne’s debut

5. Buy a planner

6. Check out Powerbooks’ sale

7. List down all DVDs

Something that I read in Inquirer:

Don’t dwell on that empty space

By Thelma Sioson San Juan

THIS is one Christmas where we must exert extra effort to find the joy of the season simply because death came one after the other. Never has the yearend seen the front and opinion pages mourning the loss of lives day after day, muting the sound of holiday celebration.

You’re surrounded by the news of death near and far, and even of impending loss since you know of at least one relatively young person battling cancer in what must have seemed like an epidemic-no matter how ridiculous a cancer epidemic may sound.

It’s a threatening reminder even to the hip and young. What’s up with the planets?

Nothing perhaps, it’s just the usual cycle. Yet you must steel your heart and keep your heart still so that you catch whatever it is life is trying to tell you. How do you cope with the loss, and how do you listen to its message?

By being quiet and attentive. It is ironic that the drift of the season is surviving the loss. The holiday mood is not euphoric, it is thoughtful and sober.

So how do you cope? No choice but to roll with the punches, so you can muster enough strength to get back on your feet and walk on. In fact, there is no making up for a loss and it is foolhardy to think that an experience could be duplicated or a loved one replaced.

Our friend Alya Honasan even said as much of a dog when her Muffin (her name) died a few weeks ago. Accept and absorb the hurt and wear out the pain. After all, the heart — along with the rest of the body — gets fatigued from hurting.

Then — seize a new moment and live it. The cliché is true, we’re just passing by, experiencing moments and people along the way, but never really owning them indefinitely. We can’t even retrace our step-that happens only in the mind. There’s only the forward motion where time is concerned.

You can’t go back, but you can move on. Muster the faith to see only the fullness of the moment, not its emptiness. Don’t dwell on that empty space.

Christmas, therefore, is seizing the moment and living it as if it were a blessing, because it is. Let your every moment be an answered prayer. Merry Christmas!

“…You must remember this

A kiss is still a kiss

A sigh is just a sigh

The fundamental things apply

As time goes by….

And when two lovers woo,

They still say, “I love you”

On that you can rely

No matter what the future brings…..”


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