this is exactly how I feel right now…don’t mind the fact that this is the new Batman movie poster…look at how the shoulders stoop…overwhelming sadness….

“I’m ok….the next time you hear me say that…stop for a while, decode my smile, look me in the eye, and take a peek inside my soul…”

i feel like a huge cross is perched on my shoulders and with every passing day the weight just keeps on getting heavier and heavier…is this my Via dusty road to Galilee before I reach my Golgotha where I can unload my heavy burden?

I feel so alone amongst the people I know and love…I feel so separated from the world…with their knowing smiles and teasing looks…they do not know the cross I bear…they do not know what overwhelming sadness simmers beneath my practiced smile…

would you bear my cross with me?

Alas, t’was not meant for you to carry my cross or to share my load…this back breaking load is for me and me al0ne to bear…no one to share no one to know…


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