Renee: “Snow White. Cinderella. All about gettin’ a guy. Being saved by the guy. Today it’s The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas. All about gettin’ a guy.”

Ally: “So basically we’re screwed up because of…”

Renee: “Disney.”

it all started when my dad got me an old tape (read: betamax) of Pinocchio and Sleeping Beauty. I was young then so it was quite mind boggling for me to like a movie because of storyline or lighting or whatever movie review jargon one can think of. I learned to love Disney Movies because…well, because they’re nice…usual kiddie emotion. Then came more Disney movies for me..graduated to Mills and Boon…to Sweet Dreams (Yes, dearies, in THAT order!) to sweet Valley High to Judith McNaught books…yada yada was downward spiral from then…

Such mediums fuzzed my mind and made me the romantic fool that I am now (Foooollleesssshhh!)…I grew up (For lack of a better term) thinking that there would be some Knight in shining armor riding in his arabian horse to appear one day in my down trodden life to rescue me from my tower and sweep me off my feet…it was never taught in life 101 or even in Love102 that such scenarios DO NOT EXIST! (Huuuwwaaatt!!!) It was just another figment of some joker’s over active imagination or gonads to let the world think that such pathetic beliefs do exist. My bubble had to be pop-ed through the ol’e tried and tested way of getting hurt by a man…ooppsss there goes my bubble…mooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm!

Algebra, Eco or how to dissect a frog never made sense to me. If love was taught in gradeschool and Highschool it would’ve been more useful to me. WHY was such things never taught in highschool? or in gradeschool? Y’think I should sue Assumption and all the nuns? HA! I was taught how to write the much envied Assumption writing. I was taught how to market or how to sew an apron but never was I taught how not to believe in men’s lies or how to protect my heart. If I was then maybe I wouldn’t be as fucked as I am now.

At least I know how to write the Assumption way. flawlessly. San ka pa?

Now where’s my writing book? Maybe with more practice I’d be able to get a hang of all these….


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