“Deny the truth to avoid suffering.”

If you’re afraid of something what would you do? Do you confront the fear or run away?

I choose to run away. I usually have the Bahala-Na attitude with my fears but not this one. For this I choose to run. High tail it to the highest mountains if need be. Why? Because I’m scared what this feeling will do to me and to think that it may even be something that will do me good or something that I’ll like….

Are you scared of some rides in the amusement park. Say, for example, Anchor’s away or the space shuttle in Enchanted? I am. But scared shit as I am it doesn’t prevent me from thinking several times if I should go with my friends and brave it with them. It doesn’t prevent me from standing on the sidelines watching my friends shrieking their heart out and at the same time smiling from the thrill of the ride. I stand there hoping that at some point I’d be able to let go of my fear…at some point…but not yet


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