(Sarah McLachlan)

morning smiles

like the face of a newborn child

innocent unknowing

winter’s end

promises of a long lost friend

speaks to me of comfort

but i fear

i have nothing to give

i have so much to lose here in this lonely place

tangled up in your embrace

there’s nothing i’d like better than to fall but i fear

i have nothing to give

wind in time

rapes the flower trembling on the vine

and nothing leads to shelter it

from above

they say temptation will destroy our love

the never ending hunger

but i fear

i have nothing to give

i have so much to lose here in this lonely place

tangled up in our embrace

there’s nothing i’d like better than to fall

but i fear

i have nothing to give

i have so much to lose

i have nothing to give

we have so much to lose

kaje: wassup with ur lovelife?

hundun : hey

hundun : ‘eto scared shitless

kaje : why’re ur blog entries like that?

hundun : why?

kaje : like as u said it.. love makes u scared shitless?

hundun : yuh

kaje : love is love. savor it while u can.

hundun : i know

hundun : kaso its the emotional investment

hundun : that im wary of

hundun : he’s not nman pressuring me *edited*

hundun : pero everytime we’re together makes me fall deeper and deeper

hundun : punyeta

hundun : i like all the kilig stuff

kaje : when u worry about it too much, and about what happens next, u take for granted its presence and the momentum gets lost

hundun : pero….

kaje : iyanla vanzant says, our thoughts create reality.if u keep thinking u might get hurt again, then that’s what u just might get in the end.

kaje : dont ruin the rest of ur life just bec some jerk broke ur heart. this could be the person who could give u what ur looking for.

hundun : i know but..really really scared

kaje : what’re u scared of? that u’ll get hurt?

kaje : it’s inevitable

kaje : and as they always say.. it’s a risk

hundun : the hurt

hundun : lahat

kaje : ayyy

kaje : *TOOT* only 22

hundun : yan pa ang isa!

hundun : he’s younger!

kaje : and ur?? …*TOOT*

kaje : aw sorry.

hundun : bothered na nga ko sa age gap namin ni aids dati na 2 years

hundun : eto namn mas bata

kaje : it only becomes an issue if you make it one.

hundun: pero still the thought

kaje : rmember R and C?

kaje : they’re 22

kaje : it came to mind

kaje : but it doesnt matter.

hundun : eeee…

hundun : it doesnt ultimately pero its at the back of my mind

kaje : why do u complicate ur life soo much?


kaje : isa kang masochista

hundun : i guess it because life has thrown me a lot of curveballs that i just keep on batting and batting not knowing if i’d ever hit the ball or not

hundun : *its

kaje : youre giving urself unnecessary problems.

hundun : and that’s why imma pitcher…

hundun : *baseball pun

kaje : if ur a pitcher, it means u can pitch the ball any direction u want. why not go for the straight throw?

hundun : thing is…in this game im not the pitcher

kaje : LABO MO

hundun : life is the game and i’m not pitching

hundun : life does

hundun : just like everyone else im just a batter

hundun : and im the fourth batter at that

hundun : so, in baseball terms, thats the worst batter

kaje : I get ur pt. I meant, labo mo kase. Now here’s a another chance bein thrown ur way. another shot at what-might-be a great love… and ur complicating it too much.

kaje : take away the garble of being the batter and the pitcher.

kaje : leave it to just: belle and *TOOT* likes each other.

kaje : enjoy it while it lasts.

kaje : if not, then move on.

hundun : hhaayyy…

hundun : this year’s love better not last

hundun : better last pala


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