dazed and confused…

“It doesn’t take very long to love someone. Not when you look through the eyes of the heart.” Marlyn Langer


i’ve been staring at my pc for 42 minutes and I still don’t know what to blog about. my yosi’s ubos na and I’m still here not knowing what to write. I’ll sleep first…need to recharge my thinking cells


still the same..much more now…

a thousand miles and i gather strength from you still…

Kaje: ay belle, punyeta, gulo ng utak mo.

Belle: i know

Belle: i know

Kaje: kung sino yung magsistick no matter what, yun ang importante. kung sino mamahalin ka ng totoo. hindi yung sasaktan ka lang. hindi yung pangmadalian, unless yun ang gusto mo.

Belle: of course not

Kaje: and of course, kung sino yung talagang gusto mo.

Kaje: the one who you cant be without.

Belle: haaayyy

Kaje: yes.. parang pipili ka na ng papakasalan noh..

Kaje: i mean can be without

Kaje: i mean cant be without .. tangangertz talaga ako

Belle: that was nice

Kaje: at least for now

Kaje: dont think about forever okay?

Kaje: that thought complicates things.

I miss you Kaje 😦 You were the group’s non chalant-i dont care girl. You always had wise words for your madaling ma-attach-mahirap-mag-let-go but pretty friends Remember when jerk and I broke up, you were the first one i texted because I knew then that i need your strength and i needed your non chalant devil may care attitude to rub off on me. Now, a thousand miles away, i’m still gathering strength from you…still hanging on to your wise words hoping that they may instill some sanity in my life…


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