People made sure I woke up early for our Mixed Basketball game in RFM gym. We won. Di man lang kme pinawisan. Default kse yung kalaban hehehehe


After my shift, my constant ‘date’ Tin and I ate in North Park. Got home around 3am and hit the sack as soon as my head felt my bed. Woke up at 7 or 8. saya! kulang sa tulog ulet! Lounged around a bit before I headed to Podium to wait for Jon and Kirk to pick me up.

Mixed basketball. The 2 monster “girls”! We lost 😦 Kainis. Found out after the game that I hit one of guys I was guarding. He said that I elbowed him and also hit him somewhere that made his voice squeak! sorry 😀 Nanalo naman kayo so peace na tayo.

Men’s basketball. Heard that some people were betting that we’d win the championship. Touted as underdogs and a come from behind team who have never won the championship since the sportsfest started in PS played the most freakish game I’ve ever seen. At bakit lahat wlang gana!?!?!?! ggggggr (with 1 r!)…we had to settle for 2nd place. not bad na din. pero bad trip pa din.

Over all, it’s not so bad. 2nd place for both mixed and men’s and a championship in Badminton. yeah!

Below are our boys. short orders lang po girls 😀

(l-r) Stan The Man and the original hearthrob, Chris, Nic, Pretty Boi Roy,Hearthrob (?) Chester, William, Raffy (back), Kirk, Mike (46) and Jon (in yellow)

sunday night, after shift I went back to Grilla. Si andrew kse e! stayed for a couple of minutes then had Den-Den, Tom and Kel pick me up coz my chest pains just won’t go away. Went to MMC’s ER. had some checks–x-ray and ECG and the nurse had to give me some injectable pain reliever. Kel stayed with me the whole time and kept on making me laugh the whole time with his magic tricks and his singing. chest pains and laughter. saya! Got home at 3am again. Next time no strenous activities okei! (Does “S” count?)


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