last thursday night…..Determind to get a good night and full night sleep, I’m back in my old bed in my mom’s bedroom, got a good book (Archer’s Sons of Fortune) to read till I fall asleep, a tall glass of water beside me and I’m waiting for the 2 tablets of sleeping pills that I just popped to work its magic on me and I’m off to la la land…nuninuninuninuninuninuni……..oops, let’s not forget to put the tv on sleeper mode….woke up 6 hours later….still sleepy, drowsy and masungit….it never works…pak shet!

today, i woke up sooo early after sleeping around 3am…kse nag date pa kme ni tintin ulet…for my 11am game…we’d be playing against Elink which has 2 monstrous looking women –women ba sila? or orcs? bengay will be my bestfriend later…


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