“If you want it you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” Sunjay Gupta

wrote something awhile back that I’m making some kind of list and I’m happy to tell you that I haven’t finished that list until now!

So I’m pressuring myself to make that list on-line…pressure…pressure…pressure!

2004 Goals

1. Lose weight (my forever goal) and do spot toning (dream on!)

2. Take up a sport (is sleeping a sport?)

3. Renovate my room!

4. Fix books..check!

5. Pay off ALL debts…almost there!

6. Travel (pref. via plane to renew frequent flyer miles)

1) Bora

2) HK

7. Go to the beach before year end

8. Get over jerk…..BIG CHECK!

9. Decide what to do after I resign

1) go home (to the states)

2) go back to law school

3) teach

so far ive barely accomplished everything in my list. i’m trying to pursue #1…and I’m done with #s 4 and 8. with 2 months to go i strongly doubt if i’d ever be able to accomplish all of them but then again, there’s always next year to waste with list of goals that I never seem to finish…do i hear the clock ticking fast somewhere?

i was that thin before..notice the difference? ;P


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