10 Things:

10 things I enjoy watching

1. CSI (on tv)

2. News! News! (on tv)

3. kids playing

4. Sunsets

5. People

6. Just shoot me (on tv)

7. Will and Grace (on tv)

8. Futbol (Viva Real)

9. Baseball

10. people I love *heart*

10 favorite places

1. Libraries

2. Breton in GB3

3. SF

4. Velasquez Park

5. Greenhills when its not crowded

6. Old Powerbooks in Arnaiz

7. AA Retreat House

8. my old bed in my mom’s bedroom

9. my room

10. in the arms of the man i love (wishing out loud )

All curses must end…even if it’s Boston…The Red Sox won the World Series after 86 years defeating the Cardinals in a sweep 11-9 , 6-2 , 4-1, 3-0.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I got home at 2am from my usual wednesday night out and was not able to sleep till 5am and woke up at 10am…sarap…think i need my sleeping pills again…

took a bunch of quizzes while I was waiting for my mind to sleep and here’s one funny test that I took

The Zodiac Match

(TestDate The Right Sign For Your Personality) <—-is there even such a thing????? Belinda, the best Zodiac Match for your personality is Cancer

Cancer, the Crab (June 22 to July 22):

This emotional and imaginative partner is just your type. Initially, a Cancerian may catch your

eye because of their romantic ways and dedication to you. But as you get to know them, you’re even more likely to be drawn to your Cancer’s practicality and ability to nurture you. People born under this sign tend to be true-blue, loyal partners who are willing to devote their hearts and souls to their close relationships. Because of the deep investment they’ll put into others, Cancerians can be easily hurt and may seem overly sensitive at times. However, more often, Cancers are simply warm and compassionate mates. In the bedroom, you may find the Crab a bit hard to coax out of its shell — at least at first. Cancers can be somewhat timid lovers in comparison to other signs. Typically, a Cancer’s nature is to value family above all else. As a result, if you can make a Cancer happy and earn that familial title, you can be sure that this partner will always be there for you.

I don’t think I know a lot of people who were born under this sign…checking my calendar…there’s no one that I know who’s birthday fall between June 22-July 22 not even any female friends ***scratches head*** ..let’s try checking any cute celebrities who’s birthday falls under that sign….as if….hehehehehe….brad pitt john travolta? ben affleck…kevin spacey? gabriel bryne? christian bautista…


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