We’re on a roll!!!

Reality continues to ruin my life….now why am I not surprised?

my lolo daddy died last October 8, , he was 89 y/o. that’s the 2nd death in the family but the 3rd in my immediate circle.

Marc sez that tragedies come in 3’s. So i’m guessing that that’s the last for this year since that’s the third death although if you count by tragedies that would be more than 5 na ata…so isn’t that over doing it?

do i have to enumerate them one by one? no more na please

so that’s why I haven’t really blogged for the last couple of days..been really busy and was in the province since saturday…

got see a lot of my relatives who I haven’t seen in ages! some of them I don’t even recognize and their parents had to re-introduce them to me…being the eldest apo both in the Perez and Tan family, everyone bows to me…all hail!…hehehehe di naman…they just refer to me as ate even if most of them are way way taller than me…

making lamay had its ups and downs…i now know that sleep deprivation is never the way to lose weight..nope…i thought i’d be able to lose some pounds but ..nope…nothing happen..nil..naa…zilch..zzeeerrroo!…but making lamay gave me the opportunity to get to know some of my relatives…found out that some of them are just born geniuses (now why did I not get that gene?), that one is going through teenage menopousal at the age of 22 (yes, that’s the first time I heard that such a thing can happen, too), that I had 2 cousins-twins at that, are currently in the seminary..sayang ang ggwapo pa naman, that one was kulit enough to smoke a joint beside legal smoker me and when one of my gullible tita’s asked what he was doing he immediately said that it was just his insaler!..hay naku…looks like insanity runs in the family!

my last post generated quite a number of reactions…just a clarification..Oman was my best friend before work and a man came between us and somehow wedged an imaginary wall between us…i use to have a huge crush on his older bro eric. eric, too, was my friend first before Oman and I got close. he used to tease me that in “friend levels”, he ranks 2nd to his brother and that if I had to choose, i’d choose eric instead of him. Hard headed person as he is, he never believed me when I said that he’s # 1 and that he’s more important to me than his brother (ego..ego…ego…) and now…I miss him…a lot…i miss the old oman who used to take care of me and used to nudged me to smile whenever he’d see me frown…is that romantic love…i don’t know…if it is…i don’t even want to explore that possibility..why…because i don’t think I’d ever learn to trust again….

Pano ka gigising ng umaga kung napakatagal ng gabi?

Pano ka aahon sa kadiliman ng gabi kung ang gabi ang humihila syo pababa?

Pano ka masisiyahan sa umaga kung nilunod ka na ng kalungkutan ng gabi?

Walang bituin sa langit

Lahat sila nagtatago mula syo dahil hindi nila mapawi

ang kalungkutan mo sa bawat hiling na isisigaw mo.

Pano ka na ngayon?

San ka pupulutin?

San ka sisilong sa ulang ng lungkot?

Sa basurahan?

Sa basurahang puno ng maduduming pangako


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