“We are lovers, not fighters.”

wednesday night was spent with my oldest friends…as usual the night yielded no decent pic except for the one that I’m posting. that’s Oman. short for Norman Paul. I miss him. a lot. it’s been awhile since we last saw each other and things are not so good right now…somehow reality got in the way…work and love built an invisible wall between the 2 of us that it got so high for us to climb…if he only knew…i miss him a lot…he was my sweetest and dearest friend…he’d accompany me everywhere, cut class for me, eat my tira, bring my heavy bag, listen to me even if my kwento was paulit ulit, keep my secrets, be my pillow, always made sure that i was comfortable…everything…he doesnt know about this blog…so i’m safe…if you only knew i loved you more than your brother…

Once, as my heart reign when night seemed forever,

I was with you.

Once, in the care of morning

in the air was all belonging.

Once, when that day was dawning

I was with you.

How far we are from morning,

how far are we

and the stars shining through the darkness,

falling in the air.

Once, as the night was leaving

into us our dreams were weaving.

Once, all dreams were worth keeping.

I was with you.

Once, when our hearts were singing,

I was with you.


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