i won’t say much…lest it be miscontrued…but one thing though…i may be a lot of things to other people but i can say that i would have never hurt anyone intentionally especially friends…i may be tactless at times or had let my mouth do the thinking instead of my mind but i would’ve never hurt anyone intentionally as i do not want to be hurt too. but for someone to think that i would’ve or that I was actually capable of doing so hits straight home. but that’s ok. i cannot control what other people think and feel about me anyway. i used to think act and feel that every action by another is supposed to be answered by another action. that for every punch someone takes at you that you have to punch back. and this time a bit harder. but i have learned that that is not always the case. i have learned that sometimes you just have to take the punches and roll with it. that sometimes its better to just be the punching bag accepting life’s punches than be another boxer. that sometimes its better to just sit down and keep quiet. less talk less mistakes. less action less reaction. passive defense. and it’s not because of having a martyr complex or whatever you call it complex. no. absolutely not. i do that because i believe in karma. i do that because i believe that the more animosity, hate and negativity you throw at people the more animosity hate and negativity life will throw back at you. one less person generating such negativity in the world might just help others do the same. too ideal? maybe but someone has to do it because isn’t that what we all want? an ideal place to live in. an ideal relationship with everyone around you. that’s what i want. we might not have that and i honestly do not have that…yet…but i am trying to get there. albeit struggling. but that’s how life is. roll with the punches instead of trying to hit back. sit down and just keep quiet. don’t harbor hate and anger from people who have hurt you and have punched you. sit down and keep quiet. they won’t get hurt. you won’t get hurt. it’s a win-win solution and no one’s the wiser.

didn’t i say i won’t say much?

“I keep my ideals because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart”


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