Sa wakas the stars pinned the dhon-keeee!

Here is your horoscopefor Wednesday, September 29:

If it smells good, feels good or makes you think that you’ll look better wearing it, you’ll gladly shell out lots of your hard-earned pesos to have it. Just don’t deplete the bank account.

did some shopping today when I went to megamall. i was planning to buy some “important” stuff lang sana but at the end of the day I wasn’t able to buy any of the items on my checklist. The only thing that I was able to cross out was the orientation that I went to which was for Hands on Manila…I get to start next week!!! yey! i get to teach kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Love isn’t fucked” she goes on, “It’s just the absence of it that is.”

I usually eat at some restaurant where you don’t have to line up and where one can linger to sawa instead i went to Mcdonald’s nalng. why? because I wanted to be anonymous…cue mysterious music here…in a restaurant you have to interact with the crew and sometimes with the other people eating in the same restaurant but in the land of sup-ah size me I can be as anonymous as an electric pole. I hate eating alone. may it be sa house or outside. even if i’m eating with someone tapos s/he finishes before I do, nawawalan agad ako ng gana. it’s an automatic thing for me. For me it’s lonely eating alone. You can’t savor the food when you’re eating alone because you’re trying to eat as fast as you can to be to get out of that resto so you don’t have to endure the kawawa-naman-sya-she’s-eating-alone stares. I like the chitchats in between mouthfuls. I like the feel of being happy because you’re getting stuffed. nothing beats kwentos over a good meal. yum!


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