a lot of people reacted to my smiley question…sya daw si saddy si frowny at meron pang sumagot with all seriousness: “ang name ni smiley na sad is Mr. Sady Smiley. Smiley yung last name nya.” Haaayyyy…***rolls eyes***

my reaction:

Sino sya? hint: hindi sya marunong mag scroll down 😀

haven’t been blogging religiously…that’s how bored I am. Even if I have a lot of things to do sa office I still feel so bo-o-o-red! my mind doesn’t function correctly na din…wait..kelan nga ba sya nag function ng tama…gr! (with 1 R)

i had a thought…in the office, I’m the one in charge of doing our sales thingie report and i always include a sales motivational quote in the end for more motivation chicka to…pero what if i, one time lang, put a love quote? What will our manager say?

love quotes/messages:

If I get takot, would you hawak me tight? If I gawa something mali, would you make it right? If I build an apoy, would you bantay the flame? If I sabi I miss u, would you ramdam the same?

” i miss you so much it hurts”

“I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”

HaLa! Just a thought…a thought that I am seriously toying with…

told you i was bored…and abner too

it’s 3am na and i’m still not asleep. how is that when my eyes were all red due to the constant yawning and i’m so sleepy rubbing my eyes thingie when I was at work and here I am at home still awake?

i’m trying to change my template but a quarter way to it I realize that that is so insane…i’m tamad. i don’t wanna tire myself out. unfortunately, this is one of those things that my yaya can’t do for me…mommy?

i’m going back to my usual self…due to my crummy rest days (wednesday and thursdy) the mall is the gimik place to be for me! Do i sense a hand forming the letter L there? But at least I get to watch old Sharon Movies in the afternoon…little joys

Later i’m going to this seminar with Hands on Manila. It’s volunteer group. One things to do off my list. cchheeccckk!

At a talk show after her break-up with Derek Dee, Melanie was asked if she had some words for Derek’s mother (whom she partly blamed for the separation). “Oo nga,” said Melanie, “pero i-English-in ko para maintindihan niya.” She looked into the camera and, with the peremptoriness of royalty, said, “And to you, Mrs. Dee, I have two words for you. Ang labo mo!”


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