it’s a hot HOT day!

my mind was having an internal war. do i wake up now or later. 5 minutes. sleepy wins round 1. round 2 do i have to wake up now or can I just adjust my schedule instead so I can wake up later. sleepy does it again. round 3. you hafta wake up now or you won’t be able to do anything at all. TING! wake-ity uppity side wins. argh!

M1 GB3:

auto doors open. first rack…cookie monster mode! 4 cds! wait i’m looking for something else…can i listen to this…fuck…can i buy all 5? you can’t…control control…pak the shet!…dee-cisions! dee-cisions! dee-cisions!…bought 2 cds…take note of the others you didn’t buy..i shall return for you my precioussss!

scene: Breton GB3

Breton girl: Ma’m…is it the same po ba?

Me : I’m sorry?

Breton girl: same order ma’m?

Me : what order? (sige nga wise guy..eerr girl pala)

Breton girl: Mango Banana Crepe with extra powdered sugar po and coke

anyenye (ala aiza seguerra!)

and that ends my boring sunday in the office. bonk bonk bonk.


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