what a day! what a day!

…what a birthday it has been…

days creeping towards my birthday, i was feeling the usual birthday blues (read: no one cares about me, no one loves me, i’m so alone, i don’t know what to do on my birthday dramatics)…i was really in a bind on what exactly to do on my birthday…in one of my previous entries i even had a list of what I was planning to do but nothing definite panned out so i was stuck with the usual treat everyone for my birthday thingie. treated everyone in the office with pizza and palabok (THANKS TO FRANCHIE FOR HELPING ME OUT!!!) and was s’posed to have a quiet nothing definite dinner with some friends on my birthday. Come wednesday, I was so tamad and i slept late. I got up around 12 noon when I got woken up by my yaya when Jets called to greet me. I was chatting with Mitch telling her na maybe we can move the dinner to a lunch or breakfast in tagaytay instead next sunday since I really wasnt able to invite anyone at all. i wanted to have dinner but somehow my heart was in it. but since I wasn’t about to displease mitch and tin who “stayed” in the office just for my dinner so sige I went na din. I was bit delayed when Inigo called up just as I was fixing myself. we talked on the phone for almost an hour (57 minutes mobile call ormoc to manila…good luck to my phone bill!) discussing about…aahhmmm…next time nalang coz it’ll be something worth blogging about…anyway, tried to hurry up but as i was on my way it kinda bothered me why tin and mitch weren’t hurrying me up and being “assumption” me, i thought na baka there was a surprise waiting for me sa Dencio’s. When tin texted me na ive to make them sundo sa office, the thought was still there…baka sa office yung surprise…but when i get there…no surprise pala (hundun bonks her head!)…had to work for a minute or two on an SR that I promised to fix for a customer before we finally headed for Dencio’s in Paseo Center. When the manong asked us where we wanted to be seated I even asked Tin and Mitch where they wanna be seated. When tin finally said that we had a table na I thought that maybe they called ahead for reservations. when we were lead to our table it took awhile before it dawned on me that it was myls’ back that I was seeing. the same myls who told me that she can’t go because she has dinner with her family din. But i thought, maybe she changed her mind or maybe her family dinner finished early. but wait, there’s ayn (with the nice bangs)…ayn who, in passing, i invited to the dinner that we were planning. again, i wasn’t really up to it that’s why i wasnt really inviting anyone at all. aba at may gift pa! aawww..thanks for the book and powerbooks giftcard everyone!mwah! when we were seated, i complained, due to my “oc-ness”, why we had such a long table! ggrrr iklian natin i can’t take the uneven seating and the empty chairs! but wait there’s more (again), Jon and athea appeared suddenly. but my mind seemed to be on a time delay mode before it actually dawned on me that this was actually a surprise dinner! i even looked for athea when we were in the office just to invite her for that supposedly quiet dinner that we were gonna have. how quiet and low key it was s’posed to be? i wore pambahay clothes!!! kakahiya! anyway, so that explains the long table 🙂 …i was happy. for that moment I WAS HAPPY. I was with my closest friends. i was thinking that if my girls, my mom and sister were there i could die right that very moment. there were also planning pala to pay for the bill for that surprise dinner but I offered. i thought it was nothing. of course i’d pay for it. its my birthday anyway but gauging from their reactions they were really surprised that i actually footed the bill…hahaha who got surprised now! we ended around 930 and left Paseo Center. Mitch and tin went home while Marc, who was also there, and i went to his car. We went around as usual. planned to watched a movie but while waiting for the 11pm showing we went to macapagal highway just for a look see. had coffee in starbucks fort then went home na. when I got home, I checked my blog and saw a tag from Meian (summer) that they were in my surprise party but that I wasnt there…what!?!?!?!?!?! i charged my fone and saw several callback alerts from emer and meian and a comeback message from Vianca. OMG!!! they were there pala in Paseo Center. It turns out that Tin (from what summer narrated) was communicating with her about having surprise dinner for me. HAla! kakahiya! kya pala emer called me up to ask where I was. Being in the middle of dinner and since reception was so bad I wasn’t really able to talk to her. i brushed it away thinking that she was in makati because of her new work and that she just happened to call to greet me or something…haaayyyyy!!!! so sayang!!!

so i say again, who got surprised now! i think everyone!

haaayyyy!!! what a mix up! what a surprise! just when i was thinking that it was gonna be another BLAH birhthday here comes my friends turning it to be the best birthday of my life. THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH

with friends like them who needs a boyfriend!?!?!?! ayyy baka may mag react. nah having a guy would just be icing on the cake or maybe extra whipped cream.

sometimes when life deals you a bad card. sometimes when the universe does not conspire to give you your heart’s desires. sometimes when people just make your life a living hell. trust God to give you friends who will pull you up from the quagmire that you are living in. trust God to give you friends who will make your heart smile and skip an extra beat. trust God to give you friends who will turn the most depressing day of your life to be the best one that it can ever be.

To everyone who remembered THANK YOU

(l-r) athea jon tin mitch me marc and ayn…myls left na agad 😦


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