…o wlang magrereklamo.blog KO TO!

It’s my..drum roll please…27th birthday…what have I achieved so far…not much…my year, as you know, has not been the best..it has been the worst..and being my birthday, i’m not even sure if there’s anything to celebrate about…to me, Happy Birthday…or, which i think is more apt, Birthday lang since i’m not so happy naman…so to me, birthday!

Once a year you are given the licensce to be the queen of dramatics and its my turn today. I’ve got 24 hours and no one’s gonna ruin MY day!!!!

my day so far…made libre to the whole floor yesterday…pizza for the afternoon people and pancit malabon (3rd year in a row!) for the gy people…

hafta to go…will make kwento later..have to fix my stuff


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