“i am eternally lost but always optimistic that I’ll find my way in this maze called life”

i’m starting to feel restless. i’m starting to hate my work. i’m starting to feel lost. i’m starting to feel that it’s time to move on…a new client maybe…i new line of work…a new company…

“Mikhail: is this really how one find love

Carrie: No,its just what we do to distract ourselves until the real thing comes along”

My friend, mahal, is setting me up on a date hehehehe…after my last que horror blind date i vowed that I’ll never go out on a blind date ever again…but here I am agreeing…maria agatha belinda bettina eugenie victoria ..que horror! tristan, an officemate, told me to tell my friend to tell the guy to call me first (phonepal?!?!?!) para we can talk daw muna…o and then…shit…hala! sige! Let’s do it…one more time…bring ’em on! So if you have a friend that you wanna set me up with I’m free. Wednesday and thursday…woohoo! for more life!

But please, if you really are my friend, you’d know my requirements…ugh..not really requirement(s)…more of…a whatever requirement is the word…he has to speak WELL! no mouse sounding voices…no f for the p. p for the f. d for the v and v for the d tendency. no braindead men. no reynante like men (read: driver or boy look a like) or else my mom will disown me. no..aahhmmm…a man with a good head and a good heart that’ll do. shit dating pa nga lang pala…a basta he has to speak well!

for rent: ME! wednesday thursday lang ;P

fuck it! this entry is so squatter!

i am sleepy!


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