Copacetic (Adjective)

Pronunciation: [ko-pê-‘se-tik]. can be spelled as copsetic, too.

Definition: More than satisfactory, fine, running very smoothly, going quite well.

The term is perfect if you want to express an intensified “O.K.” without going so far as “excellent” or “outstanding.” “That solution isn’t just good, it’s positively copacetic.” This word has overtones of “congenial”, too: “Things are not so copacetic at the office right now; the new director is a bit overbearing.”

“Don’t damn me when I say a piece of my mind coz silence isn’t golden when I’m holding it inside” (Guns and Roses)

i don’t care who reads this entry. this is my blog. my world. my thoughts.

this is a delayed reaction to what happened during the weekend (one of the many things) that is still brewing as I type. I didn’t wanna blog about since i was still angry and my emotions are still going berserk (they still are…). Schedules got change because of promotions and lack of coverage. First sked gets rolled out. I had the worst sked. 3pm wed thursday off. WTF! Everyone got the skeds that was ideal for them and I get a sucky sked?!?!?! Daya. So friday night a colleague and I tried to fix the sked for everyone’s benefit. YES! FOR EvERYONE’S BENEFIT. The sked that we proposed got approved. yey! everyone gets the sked that they want including me 3pm fri sat off. not bad na din. at least i didnt have a loser sked. Come sat am skeds got changed. i got the same restdays but my shift was move an hour later while some got good skeds and the others sucky time. So it was but natural for them to make reklamo about it. But what I don’t get is why get mad at me? I didn’t give them that sked? That’s not the one that we proposed and you know it. So what if I made reklamo. if you had a sucky sked, wouldn’t you do the same thing that I did? bet you will. it was never my intention for you to get panget skeds. the new sked (the latest) wasn’t the one that we proposed and got approved by the tm so why blame me for it? kse i made reklamo? so the theory is now that no one can make reklamo about his/her getting a panget sked if everyone else got the sked that they wanted? Wow. so much for equal benefits. The no replies and the sungit answers that I got was something that i did not deserve to get. maybe you should’ve asked first what happened before you jumped into your own conclusions. maybe you should thought first if i had the capability to make you kupal about your skeds just as long as i get the sked that i wanted. if you think that I am..teehhee then maybe thats what i should’ve done na nga lang. sana we didn’t waste so much time drafting that sked that we proposed nalang.

i deserve a sorry for what you did. clearly it was a miscommunication. clearly it was flagellating someone just because one tried to speak a piece of her mind.

lesson to self: bawal magreklamo just as long everyone else got what they wanted.

stuck with a 3pm wed thursday off. so much for having a life.

my turn for YOU entries, tin.

happy birthday to myself!


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