“It is an unpleasant fact of life that one day you look fabulous, you will not run into the person who causes your pulse rate to break the sound barrier. The day you look like a trogolodyte, that’s when you see the person. Events conspire to present you to the beloved in the worst possible light.”

I’m sorry this didn’t happen to me because no matter what you do I am still prettier than that chona girl kahit mag pang bahay ata ako AND I’m sorry insecure! Darkwinter and I caught her staring at me…now that’s not my problem!

I decline to make kwento what happened during the weekend…why? because I remember Ces telling me that “someone” might be reading my blog and we don’t want to give them the satisfaction of knowing that they occupy space in my life least of all my blog, right? Tama na I got hassled…ggrrr…HHAASSSSLLLEEE!!!

“Between you and an insipid girl who is easy to control, a guy will choose the insipid girl who is easy to control.”


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