The crash of 2004

I recently had my midyear feedback with my TM. My boss is the best next to Arjay..or is it the other way around? My feedback was focused on how well i performed during the first half of the year and as usual my boss told me that I did well in terms of my stats but we also touched base on what happened to me which you should be familiar with na if you’ve been reading my blog long enough or if you are a friend…just to give you a gist of what happened let’s just say that i let myself and my worklife get affected by my personal life. That was unthinkable until it happened to me but I guess it happens to the best of us. My TM is someone you can talk to anytime-as long as he’s not rushing something or in a meeting. He’ll listen to you 100 percent and rest assured that whatever you talk about stays between the 2 of you. Many times have I borrowed his ear to ask for his thoughts about something. He was the reason why I changed my mind to going to Cebu. During my feedback, I explained to him that one reason I haven’t applied for any higher position is because I want to first re-establish my niche in our team. The niche that I lost when I went through my “insanity stage”. I told him that right now I do not have any plans of applying for a higher position because I wanna prove myself and to reclaim the “respect” that I lost among my peers when I “fell down” because I know come interview time that ghost will haunt me and I must be ready to kill whatever doubt they have with my capability. So now I stay where I am. Slowly but surely…I am slowly getting up from where i fell down. Bruised and battered I stand, albeit shaking, i still stand…

“Love is a form of hysteria. Fortunately, it always passes.”


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