There’s a kitten trapped in our firewall and i’ve been hearing its cry for days now. it’s annoying like hell but what can I do? I can’t destroy our firewall naman for one small kitten (PETA! PETA!)…my heart goes out for that kitten but again, i can’t do anything for her/him. sorry little kitty 😦 i hope your mommy rescues you because i can’t…so for now i pretend to not hear the cries…

Our company’s sportsfest started last sat and I’m glad to say that our mixed basketball team won..ehem ehem…i was one of the players…but sadly i didnt do anything…a minute or two in the game I was panting like crazy na. those who were in the sidelines said that we were all so red na from fatigue…i think i’ve to quit smoking muna…MUNA (tin, would be so glad to hear this)…i thinking of limiting my yosi to half a pack a day instead of a pack a day…that should be a start…

that was last saturday…come sunday, our men’s basketball team was crushed by the opposing team..i think they’ve to re-think their non existent team play…during the game too, the unexpected happened…jerx arrived with the girl…i prayed fervently that i’d never get to see them together but unfortunately that prayer wasn’t answered…surprisingly i was ok…i was expecting a stabbing in the heart feeling when i see them together but i didn’t…is this a sign that i am finally over him…please God yes!…i don’t wanna dwell too much on that more use in crying over spilt milk as franchie said…all i can say is…yan ba ang pinalit mo sa akin!?!?!?!?!


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