Kindness… courtesy…sensitivity to others… empathy…it goes a loooong way

Was surprised to get an e-mail from a fellow blogger. I don’t know her and, if I remember correctly, had never had a chance of stumbling upon her blog. Kinda surprised that I got an e-mail from someone that I didn’t know and with all the virus scares I almost deleted it. It’s not the first time though that someone got hold of my e-mail addy since I recently got a weird YM from someone who was asking when my birhtday is exactly because s/he had a gift for me…anyway, I normally do not entertain questions and requests from people unbeknownst to me but since her e-mail was so courteous I decided to oblige her. If the tone of the e-mail was different I wouldn’t have given the time of the day–err night but since, again, it was courteous I did what she asked of me.

So y’see young boys and girls, kindness and courtesy and even a smile goes a long way. Things that are asked for nicely are usually given to the askee. Comments that are said nicely and in a polite way are usually, if not always, accepted wholeheartedly by the recipient of the comment.

The world is not a “good” place to live in and to raise of future children in anymore… with all the negative things that are happening all over…what can you do..jump off the planet?…Its still where we live and who else but to better it but us. Who else to love it but us. If you’re whining in your little corner about everything that is happening in your life or around you maybe its time to ask yourself what have YOU done? I, in my little way have tried to clean my slate and my karma by making amends with my past. By being more friendly with people I had never spoken to before in my account or had never been too chummy chummy with. I have built a relationship w my mother. I have become more open to other people. I have become less afraid of trying out new things in life. It may not be a lot, I know, but its a start and I know that I’m on my way…so anyone wants to join my journey? Don’t you worry it’s not an amazing race or survivor kinda race..Good God no more of that kind pleasee…isn’t reality enough without having to watch it on the tube? Its more of a journey that will let you stop and smell the roses. It’s the kinda journey that you will not be pressed for time or be pressured to give out any results. It’s the kinda journey that there is no fixed finished line. The end ultimately depends on you. No training or preparation needed…its just you…and a determination to reach your ultimate goal might be handy. Your seatbelt will be your faith…your faith in God, in yourself and in everyone…your steering wheel~~your mind. And if along the way, and rest assured there will be, some bumps and road blocks, God will be your airbag. It’s the kinda journey that may or may not be the ride of your life. But I assure you, you will enjoy it.

“Be kind. Remember everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” (T. H. Thompson)


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