some coward posted this in my tag board:

morlock: Dont get mad, but you have to loosen up. Masyado kang maraming reklamo sa buhay. Simula sa ex mo na di mo pa rin maaming bitter ka pa rin. Marami ka namang friends, so anong nirereklamo mo?

To you Morlock or whatever your name is your comment was downright irresponsible and i can clearly see that you do not know what you are talking about.

If you were a close friend of mine you would know that i actually acknowledge my bitterness about my ex. Who wouldn’t be anyway? He cheated on me. He lied to me several times. Have you been cheated on and lied to? Maybe you haven’t. Maybe you have but had forgotten how it felt. I think I have every right to be bitter about what happened. If you were a close friend of mine you would know that I have actually forgiven my ex and the girl for all the pain and heartaches they caused me. I even went to great lengths to inform them of this. That forgiveness I gave even when I never got any sorry for what they did. That forgiveness was given freely and without any prejudice. I even posted a note that I pray that they will never experience the same pain that I went through because I do not believe that anyone, not even them, deserve to experience that kind of pain and with that post I even said that they can come to me when they need someone to talk to or when they need a friend. I went past my pain to be able to forgive them so that I can gain my peace of mind back. I went past my pain to be able to forgive myself for loving someone so much. So am I still bitter? Yes I am but it has not hindered me to live the life that I am living now. Yes I am afraid to love and to trust again. But wouldn’t you be? So again, cowardly morlock, tell me again if i do not have the right to be bitter about what my ex did to me. Tell me if you can not be bitter after the person you gave your life heart and soul to betrays you.

“Masyadong maraming reklamo sa buhay” bakit meron bang tao sa mundo na walang reklamo sa kanyang buhay? I have do not have the best life right now. Maybe for some twist of fate you have and I am glad for you. I really am. In this year alone I have lost 2 men in my life and another one is dying. The 2 are insignificant comapred to the man that I am losing now. My lolo. My dearest lolo. if I had a list of the important people in my life today, my paternal lolo would be #1 alongside my maternal grandmother. Next would be my parents and sister. I would give my life to my lolo in an instant and with him sick and as the doctor said, dying I think I have every right to question why another heartache when I have just recovered from the last one and had barely enough time to gather strength…and yet I am not. I believe that its not our place to question the why and whens of the Lord. I believe that we’re just here to roll with whatever comes our way but then again, I am just human. I am human enough to admit that I can only take so much pain and heartache in my life. I am human enough to know that though everything may seem hopeless and bleak right now I know that he has a reason for everything and I trust him. I am human enough to feel whatever it is i am feeling now and that is that I am sad afraid and lonely. And yet being all those had never hindered me from living my life the way it is. Yes, I have my family and dear friends who I have repeatedly thanked God for and I have called them my diamonds in dustheaps. Apparently, you are not one of them or else you would have never made such irresponsible comment in such a open and cowardly manner. next time, intindihin mo muna kung ano ang sasabihin mo. Hindi mo alam nakakasakit ka na. I hope karma doesn’t find you. if you have anything else to say and since you seem to take pride in “knowing me” tell it to my face next time. be a man.


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