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Remember to bre-athe,And every-thing will be o-kay

marc “my closest guy friend” is how he described himself when he protested when I told him that he can’t read my blog…was such a dear when last wednesday when he suddenly asked how I was…we had coffee and cigs during my 1 hour lunch..he went back to the office to fetch me when my shift ended at 12mn…we had our usual where are we going routine…let’s go to gweilo’s..marc you’re driving in circles..dude, i know where i’m going…foolish you went around pa e hello sana you made daan nalang here o..see!…e..e..i hadn’t decided yet that we go to gweilo’s when we passed by that street e…dude, do we hafta to go there?..why you don;t want?..nope, i’m in my pambahay clothes…e me din naman e…a basta not to gweilo’s…o sige where do we go..let’s try if gonuts is still open..yeah right at 1230am????..let’s just check nlang ok!?!?!?!..see! they’re close na!….see they’re close na..told you so told you so…got some cigs and gum in shell fort…o where to?..the usual triangle…greenhills-makati-forbes/fort..bahala na….next thing we know we were driving south and there i was listening to marc’s singing..dude, never knew you sang well pala…there are a lot of things you dunno about me…hhmmm…y’know this is the 2nd time palang since my break up that I’ve been to south..whaddya mean…well after the breakup i kinda made it a rule to neve venture south…territoryo ko till makati sa kanya na ang south…ddirrtyy south…foolish…you make your world small because of him…a basta just make me kampi ok…how many times did we see each other when you guys were together…aahhmmm…once lang ata e and i think i had to ask his permission pa and that was in the office pa…why ba?…ayaw nya lang..he was jealous of me..yuh…marc snickers…come to think of it i barely or almost didn’t see my guyfriends when we were together…loser!..who me? no foolish! loser ka naman tlaga e i meant him…a ok…me shuts up…san na yung mga big bottles of sodas to mark our exit…malayo pala tagaytay..how come we never noticed that before…i dunno…you watched (some scary movie)..nope i hate horror movies e i’m scaredy cat…marc then tries to scare me…marc, d’y’know that i have a very open third eye…huh?…i can hear see and feel…aaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! stop it…bwahahaha..you started it..there was this time when I saw..aargghh stop stop!….ha! backfired no…marc grumbles…arrives in tagaytay…whoa! fog’s so thick..yea!drive slowly shu-MARC-er…opens moon roof…what’s the difference between a moon roof and a sun roof..i dunno..then why did you get one..meron na agad dyan e..how’d you know that it’s a moon roof and not a sun roof..coz that’s what they said sa dealership..are you sure are you sure..argghhh!…cool ng light effects pala when there’re fog..honga e…o where do we go..i dunno..back to manila…ok..can i sleep for 5 minutes?..yeah sure..o pull down the seat..ok…wakes up in shell mckinley..told u to wake me up sa expressway na shell a.. you were sleeping SOUNDLY e..i was snoring?..yeah and it was very disturbing…di nga?!?!…foolish, i was just kidding…medyo lang..slaps marc…stupid…cna we go home na..ok…text me when you’re home..ok..330Am: i’m home na…thanks marc…sure…

Remember, when you’re with me, it’s the only time you’re not the strangest person in the room. So go ahead, get weird with me. (Ally McBeal)


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