Jose Inigo!

Congrats kAt and Jocas 🙂

Who’s Your Mr. Right?

The Sensitive Guy (18-24 points)

Isn’t he sweet? You definitely go for the guy who has a serious case of feelings — whether he wears them on his sleeve or not. Manners seem important to him, and to you. And it’s a good bet your soul mate would as easily tune into ballads on the radio as he would stage a protest against cruelty to animals. Tapping into his soft side, however, may not always be so easy. A guy who’s clued in to his feelings may also be protective of them. So if you find yourself face-to-face with one of these sweeties, don’t wait for him to make the first move. Let him know you want to get to know him better. Sensitive types think with their heart as well as their brain — he’ll get the hint.

“I see dead people” sixth sense

I was given a gift that I never asked or wished for…its the gift do I say it…having extra sensory…o what the hell let’s cut the chase…my third eye is open…not THAT open but let’s just a bit ajar…or open enough for me to be able to sense somethings that the “normal” population cannot and see things that the “normal” population cannot…change the word cannot to not able to…i still believe that everyone has that gift and that we just differ in “levels”…there out in the open I said it…again, for me its not a gift…why? because I’m a scaredy cat…of all people why me? this “gift” is a bane and a boon for me…a boon because I am exposed or I am open to such things but its a bane because

1) i kinda think that its unfair for those who are not able to feel/see their loved ones and I am able to

2) people ask me about all those third eye, soul seeking chorva..don’t ask me ok!?!?! I don’t contact your loved ones like calling them on the phone or texting them na magpakita sa akin. they do it of their volition and if i had my way, I’d rather that they don’t. i can only see hear or feel what they want me to see hear or feel. again, my third eye is only ajar and I do not want it opened.

3)I’m hesitant to tell people what I can see or feel. because i might scare them which i do not want. i actually want more people to understand how things are but then again understanding comes with an open mind. i cannot open a closed mind or someone who doesnt want to understand.

4) yes I am an abner but I’m not a freak ok!!! Someone actually told me that I am…fucking a…

maybe you would never be able to understand how I feel and how sometimes such things are very difficult for me…i don’t expect you to understand…no one does anyway…

“What is so great about the real world?”

Saturday gimik:

OTRD (Overtime on a rest day)…greenhills…new shoes and slippers (same with Tin!)…bait Jon made us sundo w his friend Shiela…Mitch’s lola’s wake in Funeraria Paz…met up with Geoff in Cable Car eastwood…


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