saturday was kikay day…read nalang what happened in Ayn and Tin’s blog or for a more detailed kwento sa blog ni Myls…ayoko na ng paulit ulit ulit ulit ulit…

Tin having her overhaul 😛

Things to remember:

  1. Do not wear a top that will make you look like a butterfly. I saw Karen Davila last sat..ay sus! flap your wings at lilipad ka na iha!
  2. If you are wearing low rise jeans, make sure that nothing bulges out! Please! If you have bilbil (just like me) at least make sure that your top will cover your bilbil
  3. No panty lines please! or Panties that show on top of the pants/jeans. If you idolized Britney and Cristina, let them be the slutty ones. They’re paid big bucks to be one you’re not.
  4. If you’re going to be brave and mix colors, make sure that they actually mix or the colors match! Think color wheel. Think color wheel! At iha sana keri mo…
  5. Are Morticia adams and Cleopatra’s looks in right now? I don’t think so! May isang babaita na nagpagupit ng ala cleopatra…nye! (as in Jon nye)..ang your panget hair complimented your panget face (devil emoticon here)
  6. Wear shoes that actually fit you. I had an aunt who used to buy my cousins rubber shoes and slip ons that were a size bigger. Reason? Because kids grow fast. Sayang daw ang shoes. DUH! Sayang din your brains tita!
  7. Wear pants that fit you esp in the butt area
  8. Ruffles are in style..NOT! The ruffles and peasant chorva are not in style. Even people wore that horrendous peasant blouse I never got myself one…why kse di naman gumapang sa lusak ang drama ko!
  9. In connection with # 6, wear shoes that won’t wobble everytime you take a step. And make sure that you yourself won’t wobble.
  10. Don’t dress like a xmas tree.
  11. Your Karate outfit is not something that you wear when going on a gimik.
  12. Sunvisors. From the name palang should be worn pag may araw!
  13. Don’t wear outfits that show your bra. PUH-LEASE! I don’t wanna know if your white bra is already yellowish na. I know what a bra looks like. I don’t need you to show me anymore.
  14. Don’t wear carpet prints. Gusto mo maupuan?
  15. Uso ba ang bading look? Please!
  16. If from a dress up party (yknow,hotel debuts or weddings), and you and you’re friends are going out, you might wanna bring extra clothes na pang gimik no!

Sunday, August 1, I had lunch in mainit na Don Hen in Glorietta with Lisa, Edwin, Dex, Karla, Leo and Carroll who now goes by the name Carlo or Carlos. Then coffee in Starbucks G4. Before we had warmed out seats, we had to go to the activity center to help out a friend whose company had a booth there. (Commercial: for ringbacks go to They needed 5 people to go on stage or something something. Akala ko naman na it was something hard or nakakahiya. So na tv po ako at nainterview ng konti on-stage w along with my guy friends. yun lang. ang corny no!


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