“The expression “madly in love” is apt, for it describes a form of temporary insanity.”

is my insanity stage over…i’m thinking that it is…I’d like to believe that it is…but then again let’s not bring out the champagne yet…we never know when pain will just suddenly hit us in the gut and knock us out cold again…not yet not yet but I hope and pray that is…sometimes reality has this weird sense of humor that when you just think that you’re all good to go it suddenly just pulls the rug from under you causing you to fall flat on your face…so I won’t get my hopes us just yet..i won’t pop the cork just yet and I just won’t keep my hopes up…but that won’t hinder me from having a good day in the office (just like today)…and that won’t hinder me from enjoying my life as it is…that won’t hinder me from enjoying my friends and the people I work with…i’m living by the moment as it is…taking my time discovering myself…and getting to know more and more people…

Carrie: My Zen teacher said the only way to true happiness is to live in the moment and not be worried about the future

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Joyful Wisdom…for some reason people think na it’s a Christian site..nope, it is not but as someone once said it’s my positive blog/side…i dunno why he even said that…oh well…don’t forget to visit and leave a comment… be gentle be gentle 🙂


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