God is busy taking care of the world…so he sent friends to take care of me in his stead…

hhaaayyy how lucky can I get…all my dear friends in PS almost in overlapping shifts (gets?!)…Jon , Tin, Athea, Ces and Mitch 🙂   



Athea (a.k.a. ats atcha anthea): is my oldest friend (no pun intended) sa e-mail team.  She’s my order buddy when we used to be in the same team and shift…kaso for some reason ako lang ang tumataba and sya wala..parang napunta sa hangin ang kinain kahit na minsan mas madame pa syang kinakain kesa sa akin. 
Jon (a.k.a. jonathan, jonjon the (angel),pogi,gwaps) is the sweetest guy I know (naks!) sweet kaso slow.  sweet kaso corny.  sweet kaso lagi nalang ako niloloko kay….sweet kaso di marunong mag scroll.  sweet kaso forever na may PMS.  pero ok lang kasi sweet naman sya e…wlang logic no?   Got that kind of logic from Jon. And mabango din kilikili nya.  Next to Lod that is 🙂 
Tin (a.k.a teenteen kristine kristeta kris krissie)….teka wala akong masabe e…basta kakampi ko yan pag humirit si Jon ng mali about love and everythang (squatter!)…basta lab lab ang paguusapan we have the same wave length..pagagalitan nya ko pag nagddrama nanaman ako…
Mitch (a.ka. mitchiko atetitamitch mommymitch shawie) ang nanay ko sa office…pag wala sya sa office quiet lang ako…pag wla sya nakakayosi ako ng madame…pag wala sya nakaka inom ako ng coke ng madame..pag wla sya nakakarinig ako sa radio ng malakas…pag wala sya…sad ako…
Ces (a.ka. cessie sexy) …ces was there when I needed someone to talk to during the first few days of my insanity stage…my mentor to beer drinking…sya ang kasama ko the very first time I went to a bar…at the ripe age of ..doot-doot…nakapunta din ako sa bar na may dancing dancing at drinking drinking…hahahaha squatter ko!…si ces maingay sa floor…pag wala sya quiet ang floor kse nga maingay sya..pag wala sya…sad ang lahat…





Tin, ako to:



And i don’t regret the time we spent

and my time with you

It was not in vain

And i wonder why

and where it all went wrong

and how you lost your hope

you’re the reason that i’m gone

and i wonder how how you came to change

and why you lost your way

but i still stay the same

still the same…


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