“…even the strongest have their moments of fatigue.” (Nietscheze)

I don’t like death…dying and all the hullaballoo thing

although I do have a deathwish myself, I do not like people I know sad and suffering because someone they know died…

I remember that early this year, i had wanted to “go” and I almost did…twice…if it wasn’t for friends i would not be here writing this entry and you will be in another blog or maybe doing something worthwile…why did I want to go…because I was coward…because at that time, i couldn’t face the pain that I was feeling nor rein in the dam of sadness and loneliness that was overwhelming me…death was the only way i could think of to ease the pain…an old friend died…and no one expected it…i guess it was the only way for him to ease the pain that was gnawing at him…despite the funny demeanor…behind the boy bastos image there was someone who was trying to reach out to you..to me..to us…

old friends at the stroke of midnight…

Carlos, Nico, ADONIS, Tin and Iro at the back

Me and Edwin up front

…Think of Dondi

Laugh, don’t cry

I know

He’d want it that way

When ya think of Dondi

Laugh, don’t cry

I know

He’d want it that way

Friend of a friend

Friend ’til the end

That’s the kind of guy he was

Taken away

So young

Taken away

Without a warning


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