…decided to post some of the messages that i got in Friendster…just for kicks…just to make our days funnier…and worthwhile..hahahaha

My first friendster message:

From: Athea

Subject: My friend Jon

Message: Belle, friendsters na daw kayo ni Jon. Maawa ka na.

COMMENT: This was after Jon deleted me from his friendster list just to see if I’ll get a confirmation e-mail. Kumuha pa ng abogado! Tama ba namang pag praktisan kse ako! It took me 3 days to approve his friendster request.

From: Jonathan

Subject: frends na tayo!!!

Message: frends na tayo!!!

COMMENT: Jon still pleading hehehehe πŸ˜›

STYLisTICS Messages:


From: Drew

Subject: Hey

Message: Belinda is such a nice name, coming to think of

it, I used to have a friend with the same name.



From: Loco

Subject: hi

Message: wow your good looking in all the pic’s my name is

luis live in new jersey im puerto rican looking

for love not sex i love the out door going to the

movies the gym to work out if you are looking for

love just pm me ok bye bye for now…

love luis.


From: Antonio

Subject: Re: hi

Message: hey can i add you as a friend?wats your email nga pala.

Belinda-Maribel wrote:

thanks for the compliment πŸ™‚

Antonio wrote:

I just wanted to say, ang ganda mo naman.You have a great taste in music. i listen to a lot of jobim too. add kita as a friend you want?



From: Tolome

Subject: Hi!

Message: Im used 2 look at the gallery and see ur pic….Im gaining prennd kc…so i hope u’ll accept and add me to ur prend list be one of ur prend 2…even u dont know me much….pls…grant my request,here is my email add

matipunong_maginoo@yahoo.com…invite me huh!…tnx…


From: ZappeD

Subject: New Frendz

Message: hi i jst see u in frendster! by d wy im Richard Salamida from coloocan. i jst want 2 be ur frend if its okei 2 u! jst add me

zappedkirstin@yahoo.com thanks c",)


From: Mark

Subject: nothing

Message: ELOW NICE PIC… IM HERE WANT 2 BE UR FREN …0916 2538312 macky..cn i hve ur ym id



From: ErWiN

Subject: hi

Message: hi youre cute and huggable ha?! nacutan lng ako.kung gus2 mo friends na rin taYO C",)


From: Xhristian

Subject: bonjour mademoiselle

Message: wow your the cutest chick i ever seen here on this site.well if you like eating well i like eating to and maybe cooking cos im a chef.so can i be your friend please maybe someday i can treat you on that turon thing



Subject: Re: hi

Message: ang tipid naman gwabe.jejejejeejje..by the way ano e-add mo ako na lang add sau pwwede?thnx po mwahugzzzzzzzzz…….

Belinda-Maribel wrote:

thanks πŸ™‚

Deejay wrote:

hello…ive seen u in my personal network….and i just wanna be ur frenshipz.nhyahahahahah…i dunno ur e-add.can u add me to your list?by the way im deejay..and my e-add is drexzjames@yahoo.com…thnx


From: Jay

Subject: Re: hello πŸ™‚

Message: wala lang.. nakita ko lang kc ung pic mo naalala ko lang kaya naisipan ko na e-add kita.


From: NiΓ±o

Subject: belinda-maribel

Message: is ur name really belinda-maribel? or maribel-belinda?

***paki mo ba?!?!?!


From: PsYcHo

Subject: manglalait!!!

Message: hey! ur cute luv ko pa naman ung mga chubby…kc huggable, lovable di ba?!? where exactly do you hide?

***ahhmm,away from you siguro no!


From: Derick

Subject: Re: Hi!

Message: can we have a blind data?

Belinda-Maribel wrote:

Sorry but i do not give out my number to anyone i dont know.

Derick wrote:

My cell # k b,can i have it? so we could stay in touch, i hope ur single and wala magagalit, i work in boni, national bookstore, kw sn?

Belinda-Maribel wrote:

manila.yeah i do in makati.

Derick wrote:

So wer u from? u work b? =)

Belinda-Maribel wrote:

thanks for the compliment πŸ™‚

Derick wrote:

I find u very attractive! pede b mging fren kta?


From: Subhakar

Date: January 20, 2004 8:47 AM

Subject: Greetings from India

Message: Hi !!!!.

Warm Greeting from India. Iam Subhakar, 25/m from India. Iam into Computer Printing Media. My hobbies are singing , reading and playing music a bit…. i woulf love to make friendship with you…

Waiting for your reply



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