…in continuation of saturday’s nakakapagod na gimik, during our tambay in Breton, someone broached the idea of staying in Discovery…hala! eto nanaman kme..”ish-pur” of the moment!!! To cut the story, we went to megamall to buy things that we needed and checked in na sa hotel…haaayy sarap…si meian natulog..si emer and kaje uminom..ako nagkwento…Marc went to the hotel to lend me his shirt and charger. he stayed until 3am kahit we weren’t really doing anything…hehehe…after he left, we were still texting..he didn’t want to go home pa pala and that he was just driving around sa fort..didn’t know na what happened to him since I fell asleep na…I went to the office earing Marc’s big red CCP shirt…as soon as some of the reps saw me they asked agad: “Sino ang lalaking kasama mo natulog kagabi.” hahaha it just dawned on me na that only one conclusion can be surmised if one goes to work wearing a man’s shirt and looking as if di pa sya natutulog..hay friends…WISH KO LANG NO! hahahaha…

Drunken Marc (?)

Meian and I

Crepe Kaje

Nice Beng, Bitchy Emer and Pathetic Meian ;P

The only pic of us all together

Monday afternoon, Carroll made me sundo sa office. He was at the 9th floor of our building which is kinda like the food court floor and as we went out to smoke, the door was being opened by A…hahahaha…as usual, parang wala nanaman kmeng nakita..but I hope he saw me and Carroll as we went out and I hope he saw us kiss din… 😛 anyway, we just had dinner and coffee and went to our common ever chismosa dentist who kept on asking if we were back together…hahahaha..unfortunately, I started feeling sick before the night ended thus I wasn’t able to go to the wake that I was s’posed to go to…

I’ll post some of the pics that I took as soon as I am able to upload them.


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