Jon, this is for you..

8 Ways to Get Rid of A Crush

1. Act like you are madly in love with him/or her

2. Pretend you have stalked them the last 2 weeks

3. Act sad over stupid things( example your pet had a fur ball or you ate cheese) and say you need a shoulder to cry on

4. ask for a piggy back ride to all your classes

5. Ask him/her out at least 10 times a day even if yes is the answer

6. Non stop hug them and love on them

7. Flirt with someone of your own gender.

8. Pretend to be obsessed with odd types of things.

Your horoscope for Saturday, July 3:

Your well-organized schedule will be completely disrupted, thanks to someone you haven’t seen in a long, long time. Cancel some appointments, and take a long lunch.

and so I did…

While waiting for my wonderful wonderful friends Meian, Angela (Beng), Emer and Kaje in Cafe Breton in Podium, I once again had the opportunity to read…it was a windy morning..with yosi, a good book and coke..ahh my life was good for THAT moment…until Summerwells arrived hahahahaha labs you meme šŸ™‚

Before having lunch, hungry beng and I decided to eat dessert muna before heading to Thai in a Box for lunch. baliktad no? Then back to cafe Breton for another round of dessert (mango banana..sarap!) and of course, yosi. Hay as usual, we had all kinds of kwento…to boylets-manlets-kissing buddy-recycled-madilim na veranda-to aawww she has a yaya-yaya can you brush my teeth-to missing in action friends-to pustahan si meian ang mauuna at may laman…..aaahhh again the good times…very good times indeed


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